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World Policy

The answer is blowing in the Wind

MAYA WIND is no ordinary human rights activist. Her beliefs and activism have led directly to socially ostracisation by family and childhood friends. Her actions have led to incarceration in an Israeli military prison and resulted in threats to her life from Zionist extremists. Drawing inspiration from Ghandi and Martin Luther-King, Maya offers an alternative Israeli viewpoint on the occupation of Palestine, the role of the media in encouraging the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and argues that the roots of the conflict lie directly in the unchallenged ideology of Zionism. Currently studying in the United States, Maya is an Israeli voice of reason and compassion seldom heard amongst the mainstream media. Mark Hirst examines the journey she has taken from a Jewish child growing up in Jerusalem to internationally respected peace activist and advocate of Palestinian rights.

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The truth about social conservatives: politically they don’t matter

Putting bishops on your front page and then believing they are important because they are on your front page is simple a delusion of the media. Over and over ‘culture wars’ turn out to be no such thing as Scotland adapts quickly and happily to liberal progress. Why do commentators still predict armageddon for liberal politicians?

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