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Prison Reform

Scotland’s prisons are in crisis. There are now more prisoners than the operating capacity, and the Scottish parliament has approved an early release scheme. The incoming PM describes similar problems in England and Wales as… Read More »Prison Reform

The Case for Taxation

The progressive case for taxation is grounded in principles of fairness, social justice, economic stability, and democratic governance. By taxing higher incomes at a higher rate, society can more effectively address income inequality, promote economic… Read More »The Case for Taxation

Pay in Scotland

Recent surveys indicate that pay settlements may fall following calls from the Bank of England to restrain wages. In this briefing, we look at some of the key issues for Scotland. The STUC analysis of… Read More »Pay in Scotland

On the Buses

From next month (4 December 2023), local transport authorities (LTAs) in Scotland will have the power to explore the bus partnership and franchising powers contained in the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019. Also included with the… Read More »On the Buses