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    Jimmy Reid Foundation 2021 annual lecture

    The People’s Recovery: The only way to build back better for a socially and environmentally just recovery The Foundation is delighted to announce that Roz Foyer, general secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), will be giving the annual lecture this year on: Thursday 7th October. She will outline the demands for a fairer future… Read More »Jimmy Reid Foundation 2021 annual lecture August 31, 2021 Read more…


The Jimmy Reid Foundation is a think tank which brings together different voices from across the left in Scotland to make the case for economic, environmental, political and social equity and justice in Scotland and further afield. In doing so, the Foundation seeks to build on the legacy that Jimmy Reid left us.

Jimmy Reid
Jimmy Reid

The Reid Foundation is now 10 years old

The Jimmy Reid Foundation reached its 10th birthday on 10 August 2021. It was launched a year after the death of Jimmy Reid by the Scottish Left Review magazine which Jimmy founded. So far, the Foundation has produced nearly 100 publications (policy paper, pamphlets and briefing notes) and organised dozens of meetings and our annual lectures. 

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