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The Windsors – political activists

Surely the week’s news should dispell any suggestion that the Royal Family is just a bit of harmless fun

So we have a non-political Royal Family? Prince William just happened to be sent out to the Falklands to work to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the war? No question of trying to improve relations with Argentina and come to some settlement that means we can avoid spending what must over the years amount to millions of pounds per head of the Falkland population (who’s been counting?). By sticking two fingers up at the Argies, William is assisting her Majesty’s Government to appease the tabloids at a time of military cutbacks. Besides, there is still that possibility of oil and wouldn’t that really put Argentina in its place? Meanwhile Uncle Andrew continues to trail around the world on someone’s expense account looking for any dictators with a bit of spare cash to help our glorious arms trade. Wasn’t he supposed to have given that up?

Interesting to see how they will use the Royals in the referendum campaign – expect lots more references to ‘our United Kingdom’.

Isobel Lindsay