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Land reform – Open Letter to the Cabinet Secretary

Following on from the paperLand Reform for the Common Good’, we have met the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Land Reform and Islands, to press the case for an integrated approach to land reform in the forthcoming legislation.

We recognise that there are vested interests which will press the government to be less radical than they should be. We have therefore drafted an open letter that sets out the key issues we would wish to see addressed in that legislation.

If you agree with this letter and wish to add your name or that of your organisation, please email: Thank you.

Signatories to date:

Dave Watson Jimmy Reid Foundation
Linda Gillespie Development Trusts Association Scotland
Pete Ritchie Nourish Scotland
Jamie Hamilton Community Chartering Network
Thomas Fisher Community Development Lens
Angus Hardie Scottish Community Alliance
Finlay J. MacLennan Community Land Outer Hebrides
Craig Berry Radical Alba Campaign

Josh Doble. Community Land Scotland

Calum Macleod
Professor Mike Danson
Rafiq Mahmood
James Stamper
David Johnstone
Isabel  MacRae
H.B. Stewart
James Dippie
Andrew Sanders
Jo Fry
Elizabeth Sutherland
Ian Carse
Stephanie Keenan
Jimmy Black
Andy West
Maggie Kinnear
Ian Smith
Anne Hunter
Dougie Morrison
Isabel Newlands
Ruth Watson
Billy Forsyth
Alison Strange
Dorothy Breckenridge
Marion Robertson
Tricia Grey
Veronica Mary Fairley
Professor Alistair McCulloch
Laura Gormley
Carole Inglis
Pat Farrington
Bob Glen
Ossian MacUrcrin
Claire Boardman
Eleanor Moodie
Bill Cochrane
Professor Alastair McIntosh
 Fiona Sinclair
Kristina Nitsolova
Beth Landon
Steven Hanton
Hannah Knight
David Cameron
Lee McNeish
James Hunter

Hamish Vernal
Patricia Gilgannon