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First UCS work-in 50th anniversary meeting

Tonight, Thursday 28 January 2021, the Foundation hosted an online talk given by Professor John Foster with discussion by UCS veteran, James Cloughley, Stella Rooney of UNITE Scotland Young Members and Morgan Horn, a UNITE Scotland organiser. Around 100 people attended and from the comments in the chatroom during the meeting, the contributions from the speakers were very much appreciated and valued.

Jimmy Reid, in whose honour our Foundation exists, along with the likes of Jimmy Airlie played a leading role in creating and guiding the work-in – and, crucially, in ensuring its success.

John Foster’s pamphlet on the work-in is available to read at as is his book with Charles Woolfson (1986) called The Politics of Upper Clyde Shipbuilder’s Work-in: Class Alliances and the Right to Work, Lawrence and Wishart, London. Townsend Productions are also touring this play this year – see Finally, this short film is available to watch at

In due course, the Foundation will announce further activities to commemorate and celebrate on the UCS work-in.