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The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party delivered this year’s Annual Memorial Lecture. The topic was “Industrial Strategy” and he set out the way forward on a productive economy and good, secure jobs. 

The full speech is available to watch at  thanks to the STUC.  If you want to listen to the full lecture and questions from the audience  while you are travelling or taking exercise, you can download at     Thanks to Sunny Govan Radio for making this recording.

The Foundation Convener, Bob Thomson said “The subject matter of Jeremy’s lecture was very timely and welcome for the Foundation which has produced a number of policy papers on industrial strategy and related matters. Good, secure jobs require a productive economy. Moreover, the BHS scandal and other corporate excesses and recent disputes in the rail and offshore oil industries have highlighted the need for radical reforms. Jeremy is committed to investing in research and development, better training, ending zero hour  contacts, providing safe working conditions, ensuring fair equal pay and giving workers  a say in how their organisation is run. He is not a recent convert to these ideals but has a long track record of support.”   IMG_3034 (2)

Jeremy Corbyn said ‘Jimmy Reid was one of the most outstanding trade unionists and socialist fighters that Scotland has ever produced. He led the UCS Work-in whose legacy is that we still have shipbuilding on the Clyde today. His message of the necessity of human dignity at work reverberates down the years and is a theme that I campaigned on last year – and am campaigning on again this year – in order to make sure that Labour represents the interest of workers.’  

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