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We Are Not Rats: Scotland’s Students’ Left Review

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We Are Not Rats: Scotland’s Students’ Left Review is a new quarterly journal containing essays, reviews, interviews, letters, and artistic pieces that spark discussion among the students of Scottish universities and colleges.  It is proposed to be a space to share information, insights and stories between students in every school, college and university in the country;  to address questions of immediate tactical importance and also of longstanding theoretical stature.

We Are Not Rats is compiled by students, but gratefully receives contributions from outside voices to compliment the student perspective. The journal has no prescribed sectarian ideology and seeks to embrace all strands of the plural left.

We Are Not Rats is a brand-new publication, and so we are looking for people to help shape its form and content. If you are interested in being involved, either as part of the editorial team or as a representative of your university or college, please email us at