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Scottish Policy

Who Needs Democracy When You’ve Got Money?

As the networks of corporate influence have incessantly increased in Scotland, the blurring and merger of commercial and political interests have followed. A network of civil servants, lobbyists, think tanks, political groups and the media are now taking the lead in setting the public agenda. In private. This article is from the new issue of Scottish Left Review which is online now. 

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Meanwhile, elsewhere…

The media always believes that what concerns it must concern us all. Twice recently it got this badly wrong – Iraq and the banking crisis where it simply failed to understand what was happening in the proportion of the world not made out of press releases. The navel-gazing over NATO and its difficulty in understand the Yes campaign launch suggest it may be starting to get things wrong again.

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Creative Scotland and Moore shows how deep is the ‘IMF of the Mind’

Both Creative Scotland’s decision to further marketise the arts in Scotland and Michael Moore’s assumption that lack of neoliberal support for the Yes campaign is a weakness show how much the political mind remains captured. You don’t have to support the Yes campaign to take heart in an alternative voice.

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