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New Changing Scotland event announced

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Changin Scotland

A weekend of politics, culture and ideas …. And fun!

Friday March 23rd–March 25th 

The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

Come and join Gerry Hassan and Jean Urquhart for the latest weekend of good conversation and challenging ideas in a beautiful setting ….

‘A wonderful experience of intimate exchange in one of the most beautiful settings in the world’ Peter Oborne

Speakers include:

Ian Jack of The Guardian on The Scotland of Past and Present 

‘The finest feature writer at work in Britain’, Jeremy Paxman

James Mitchell, Strathclyde University and the leading academic authority on Scottish politics on Independence: The Big Debate

‘The most perceptive thinker on modern Scotland’, The Scotsman

Neil Walker of Edinburgh University on What is Independence?

Martin Sime of SCVO and Kate Caskie of Victim Support Scotland discuss What is ‘Civic Scotland’ and what its role in the Great Debate? 

William Walker,  co-author of ‘Uncharted Waters’ on Trident and the Scottish Question

Stephen Boyd of the STUC and Katherine Trebeck of Oxfam Scotland on The Economics of Self-Government

Dave Watson, Unison Scotland and Marsha Scott, ENGENDER on Social Justice Scotland

Plus Anthony Baxter introduces his award winning film about the Donald Trump saga You’ve Been Trumped

The Ceilidh Place: 01854-612103

 Weekend ticket for sessions: £60

 Accommodation to be booked separately from £25 per night

 Rooms also available in the Ceilidh Place itself – but book early

 Please cite Changin Scotland when phoning for booking

And now in our tenth year, Changin Scotland has its twentieth weekend on Nov 2-4;

a special programme, celebration and a bit of party ……